The Lost Art of Making Change

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When did we lose the ability to count change? When we began enjoying automated checkout? When self-checkout appeared? I’m not sure, but it’s now a lost art…or nearly so.

I went back to my hometown over the Christmas holiday and I found that, in fact, in a small Nebraska farming community, the art of counting change lives on. I bought a dozen eggs for my mom one afternoon in Larry’s Market, a two-lane grocery store. My bill was a whopping $2.46 and when I handed the cashier my $5 bill, she promptly made change and counted it back to me. And she didn’t just say, “Here’s $2.54″…no, she counted up from $2.46 to $5.00! I couldn’t believe it! And I smiled, not just for the moment, but for hours, days, and now a month later.

That’s the impact a great customer experience can have. Something as simple as counting my change back made me, as a customer, feel really special. It was a connection…back to simpler days and a time when checking out at the grocery store was more than a transaction; it was an interaction.

Make the connection with your customers. It often takes just a bit more effort to show you care and make a big impact…one that can last not just for the moment, but for hours, days, months, even years.

Thank you to the phenomenal people in Larry’s Market for keeping the art of making change, and a great customer experience, alive!

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