90 Day Sales Makeover – Accountability

Posted on May 11, 2011. Filed under: 90 Day Sales Makeover |

…a continuation of the 90-Day Sales Makeover core beliefs:

Accountability – who threw that one in the rules of life?  It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, whether it’s in a meeting, listening to a motivational presentation, or having a great conversation. The next thing you know, you’ve committed to do something, something you know you really want to do.

The next day, or maybe even hour, reality sets in. Your commitment looms large…seriously, did you really commit…will people truly expect you to come through…how in the world did you get yourself into this? And little by little, you talk yourself out of it. It might take a few minutes, or a few hours, or a few days, but ultimately, you reject accountability.

Accountability – it’s a tough pill to swallow. But what happens when we do hold ourselves accountable. Ask some Olympic athletes, ask some successful business owners, ask some top salespeople. When you hold yourself accountable, things happen. You begin actually doing the things necessary to achieve success. You structure your day, your time, and your efforts. You soon put forth effort where it will give you the best return. You focus on the critical things…on the critical path to success.

All that sounds good, but most of us aren’t that good at holding ourselves accountable. That’s why people who exercise with friends are more likely to stay at it than those who don’t – their friends hold them accountable. I used to walk in the mornings with my neighbor. Even when I didn’t feel like walking, I got up because I knew she’d be waiting for me. I have a sneaking suspicion she got up because she “knew” I’d be waiting for her. We held each other accountable.

You have a much better chance of sticking with your plan if you have an accountability partner or group comprised of people who will proactively ask you if you are on track, who will make you answer for your actions (or lack thereof), and who will be there to encourage you to go on that walk (or pick up the phone) when you least want to.

Go ahead and get caught up in the moment…or plan ahead. Whichever your approach, know what you want to accomplish, and then establish accountability around that goal. The next thing you know, you’ll have achieved that goal without even realizing it!


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