90 Day Sales Makeover – Practice New Habits Until They Become Muscle Memory

Posted on May 12, 2011. Filed under: 90 Day Sales Makeover |

…a continuation of the 90 Day Sales Makeover core beliefs:

A major part of the 90 Day Sales Makeover is the daily implementation of new ideas and concepts until hopefully they become long-lasting habits. Brain experts say that for something to become a habit, it takes 45 to 90 days of doing the it over and over and over again.  These experts say our brains build pathways, connections from one piece of the gray matter to another, and when these connections are made we feel certain things, and these things become comfortable or familiar to us and we end up gravitating to doing these things over and over.  Soon the actions and feelings and outcomes are deeply ingrained in our tissues…whether those tissues are in our hands, our feet, our eyes, or our brain.

So what needs to happen to break through all that and create lasting change?  We encourage people to explore what it means to recognize some of their destructive and negative habits in order to build more positive and productive ones.  It may seem hard, or distant, when you first consider a major change, but when you break it down into daily actions, and each day focus only on the task at hand, soon the distant goal comes into view and will eventually become attainable.  It’s all about smashing the old brain pathways, and discovering new ones…then burning those new patters into our minds until they invade our tissues in the same way the negative ones did.

Muscle memory is a good thing when what is memorized is positive and moving us toward our objectives!

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