90 Day Sales Makeover – Dive Into the Program with Passion and Have Fun!

Posted on May 13, 2011. Filed under: 90 Day Sales Makeover |

…a continuation of the 90 Day Sales Makeover core beliefs:

What are you passionate about? Perhaps you’re passionate about people – family, friends, colleagues. Perhaps causes – education, disability, the environment. Perhaps hobbies – skiing, hiking, model planes, video games. The cool thing about real passion is that you can tell if someone is passionate about something by his or her attitude and actions.

I’m passionate about interior decorating. How would you know that? By my attitude and actions related to interior decorating. I spend discretionary time learning about new decorating concepts, I love the process of picking out paint colors, fabrics, and stonework, and can spend hours finding the perfect thing. I readily help others with decorating projects and give advice when they ask; I don’t consider their questions or requests an intrusion but, rather, a welcome challenge. It might be a chore for others but it’s fun for me!

That’s the same way to approach the 90 Day Sales Makeover. Are you passionate about helping your prospects and customers succeed?  Are you passionate about succeeding yourself? Then spend time learning new sales and customer experience concepts, explore the processes you use to prospect and close and delve into new ways of doing those things, find accountability partners and hold each other to task, practice, and share what works. Approach your makeover with zeal! Improving and succeeding in your chosen profession shouldn’t be a chore…it should be fun!

So whether you’re taking on the 90 Day Sales Makeover – or doing something else that critically matters, dive into it with passion and have fun! You’ll be amazed at the results you get when you truly give yourself to it!


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