Are You Proud of What You Sell?

Posted on May 16, 2011. Filed under: Customer Experience, Uncategorized |

Are you proud of what you sell? Whether you are a salesperson, a marketer, or an account rep, you’re in the business of selling. Perhaps you sell a product, maybe a service, or even ideas internally in your organization. Regardless of what you sell, it’s important to believe in it.

People can sense a lack of authenticity faster than a case of rotten eggs. If you try to put on an artificial show of enthusiasm for your buyers, they will know it immediately and will respond accordingly by walking – or running – away. You’ve seen the ones who don’t believe. The ones who simply talk, talk, and talk – much as if they are trying to convince themselves of what they’re saying. It’s pretty difficult to sell something you don’t believe in…and even more difficult to engage and develop clients after the sale.

If you aren’t excited about what you sell how do you expect to influence others to buy it? And if you don’t believe it in, why in the world would you spend a good part of your waking hours trying to sell it to others? How demotivating that must be!

Are you proud of what you sell? If your honest answer is “no,” it will be difficult to succeed. Instead, first go find something to sell that you do believe in. You’ll immediately put yourself in a better place to succeed.

Here’s to success!


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